HOURS: Tues-Thurs, 3-8:30pm; Fri, 3-9pm; Sat, 12-9pm​​

​​​Kitchen closes at 8:15pm Tues-Thurs; 8:45pm Fri-Sat.

Some food items still available after these times.

Please watch for special Holiday Hours.

​​​​​​Please watch ​www.facebook.com/BlendOfSevenWinery for daily updates & events.​​

"Like hearts, wineglasses are fragile, full of goodness, and frequently broken.  Live life to the brim." (unknown)

Our Story

The name Blend Of Seven is inspired by family. Owners Steve & Sandi were married in 1994, resulting in the blend of Steve, his 3 children; Sandi, and her 2 children. The two became seven!


In 2008, Steve (although not a wine drinker at the time) suggested they stop in a Winery during one of their date days. Well it was love at first sip for both of them!


Since 2008, when on vacations or long weekends they made it a point to visit Wineries wherever they were. Then in 2010, Sandi purchased a home wine making kit for Steve in honor of their wedding anniversary and they began making wine for their own use and pleasure.


After making wine for themselves, family, and friends for a year or so, they decided to turn their passion into their business!


After operating from their home for a little more than a year, they realized to fully achieve their dream moving to a larger location was key. So here they are...now at London Rd. in Delaware, Ohio. Now Open at former landmark "Branding Iron" reborn as Blend of Seven Winery on October 16, 2015! Won't you join them on their passion-inspired journey?