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KING CAB- $16.00 

Cabernet Sauvignon: earthy & floral; Dry w/ smooth finish; Dry

BIG RED​ - $17.00

​Cab, Zin, Shiraz blend; heavy body, vanilla & berries aromas; Dry

MARVELOUS M - $14.50 

Chilean Malbec: medley of red/black berries, med body; Dry

ROSCOE - $14.50 

Chilean Merlot: fruit & spices flavors, med body; Dry w/smooth finish

MOMMA'S ZIN - $17.00 

Smooth & Complex Old Vine Zinfandel: Dry w/smooth finish

MALUSKA - $14.50

OItalian Nebillo; full-bodied, deep red w/ flavors of black fruit & light oak. Semi-Dry to Dry

AMORE' - $14.50

​Australian Shiraz; lush aroma w/ blackberry fruits & touch of spice. Semi-Dry


Pinot Noir w/cherry aroma & soft pepper. Slightly Dry

BUCKEYE PRIDE - $14.50 ​
Blend of Concord, Catawba, & Niagra; the perfect marriage!

CONCORD - $13.50

Taste like grape juice but w/ a kick! Semi Sweet

VO's VELVA-TOUCH - $13.75 (Seasonal-Unavailable)

​Dry Red Wine combined with Red Cranberry. Sweet

KIMMI K's - $14.75 

Cabernet Sauvignon with acai berry & raspberry, hint of choc. Sweet


Merlot sweetened with blackberry; oh my!. Sweet

TROUBLE - $14.70

Concord sweetened our own signature way. Very Sweet.


SERENITY - $16.00  (Seasonal-Available)

Red port with taste of black cherries & blackberries.

NOW THAT's A PORT! - $17.50

Cherry Chocolate; starts sweet & finishes warm.

Winery offers 10% Case Discount.

**OPEN INTERVIEWS: Fri, 10/05 at 1pm & 2pm; Sat, 10/06 at 3pm & 4pm.**

Looking for experienced Servers (age 19+) and experienced Line Cooks (age 18+).

HOURS: Tues-Thurs, 3-8:30pm; Fri, 3-10pm; Sat, 12-10pm​​

​​​Kitchen closes at 8:15pm Tues-Thurs; 9pm Fri-Sat.

Some food items still available after these times.

​​​​​​Please watch ​www.facebook.com/BlendOfSevenWinery for daily updates & events.​​

All wines handcrafted on-site with finest & award-winning Juice from Ohio & around the World.

Temporarily Sold Out

Temporarily Sold Out

Part of 2017's Top 10!


ROSIE - $13.75 (Seasonal-Available)

Chardonnay: smooth full bodied w/fruit & Vanilla. Dry, Oak

LANA- $15.00 

Luna Bianca Chardonnay: buttery, notes of bananas, Semi Dry, Oak

NAMASTE - $14.50

Riesling: floral & green apple aroma: light, Semi-Dry

White Catawba: foxy w/ distinct aroma; Semi-Dry

Amazing blend tastes like peach right off the tree; Semi-Sweet

SLICE OF LIFE - $13.75 (Seasonal-Unavailable)
​Dry White combined with White Cranberry; light body & Sweet

TWO SWEET BLESSINGS - $13.50(Seasonal-Available)
Niagara: wonderful grape aroma, smooth; Sweet

BLUE EYED BEAUTIES - $14.00 (Seasonal-Available)

Niagra: refreshing blend w/ blueberry added; Semi-Sweet

KARMA - $14.50

Peach & tropical fruit flavors; light body & Sweet


WHITE SATIN - $14.50 (Seasonal-Unavailable)
White Merlot: Fruit forward w/ soft Merlot finish; Dry to Semi-Dry

SWEET PASSION - $14.75 (Seasonal-Available)

Pink Catawba: foxy, light & tropical fruit added, clean finish. Sweet

TOSHA'S CHAOS - $14.75 
Unique blend w/ raspberry, cotton candy aroma; Sweet


White Merlot enhanced w/ ripe strawberries; Sweet

LOVE SPELL - $13.50

Dragonfruit Shiraz w/ splash of raspberry; Sweet


SAY WHAT- $15.00  

This tastes like a Lime Margarita