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Our varieties range from very dry with complex layers to very sweet and light.  We even have unique blends that have a way of making non-wine drinkers fall in with love at first sip! Click here to order.

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Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 3pm-9pm; Friday-Saturday: 12pm-10pm

(Closed Sundays & Mondays)

Our children play an important role with the blending and naming process for each of our wines.  Each blend has a special story for the inspired name and desired flavor.  Like our children, each unique in their own way, our wines offer a wide variety of  taste providing endless choices for every palate.

The name Blend Of Seven is inspired by our family.  Owners Steve & Sandi were married in 1994, resulting in the blend of Steve, his 3 children; Sandi, and her 2 children.  The two became seven!

481 London Rd.  -  Delaware  -  43015  -  740.417.4286